Omega J8006 Review – First step towards healthy Lifestyle

Product: Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer – Black and Chrome
Price: $299.99
Cheapest Place to Buy: AMAZON.COM                                                                Guarantee: 15-year warranty                                                                               Auger RPM: 75 to 85
My Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Product Overview:

Omega J8006 Review

Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer

Omega J8006 nutrition center juicer juices all kinds of fruits and vegetables including hard and soft fruits, citrus fruits, vegetables like carrots, beets, celery and green vegetables.

Omega J8006 just doesn’t extract an exceptional juice, it can also be used to make nut butters like peanut and almond butter, to make baby food, extrude pasta, to grind coffee beans, flour and spices, and mince herbs and garlic.

Best Features:

My personal favorite feature of Omega 8006 is that it can even juice all green leafy vegetables like kale, spinach, cabbage and Wheat-grass without destroying their nutritional value. Especially wheatgrass juice of this quality is hard to get from any other juicer.

Product Details:

Omega 8006 is a Masticating juicer or slow juicer. It prevents oxidation because it runs at very low speed of 80 RPMS as compared to speed of Centrifugal Juicers (around 10,000 RPM). It also doesn’t create any foam or heat while juicing which makes sure that all the nutrients are preserved.

To learn more about the working of Masticating Vs Centrifugal juicers, you may read my other post.

You will get all healthy enzymes from the juice without any degradation and can store it up to 72 hours. Through the dual stage unique extraction process of Omega J8006 with powerful 2HP Motor, you can make sure that you are getting maximum amount of juice with highest nutritional benefits of natural raw food and enjoy the fresh flavors of your favorite fruits and vegetables. Since juice is extracted in two stages, first by crushing the produce and then squeezing the pulp, you get very dry pulp and higher volume of juice.

Here is the video to show you how to assemble the juicer and juice fruits and vegetables.


Cleaning and Handling – Omega 8006 is very easy to assemble and disassemble. It just takes me couple of minutes to put together everything before juicing and approximately 2-5 minutes after to disassemble and cleaning. If you clean right after juicing, you just need to rinse most of parts and use brush for juicing screen. You can even put it in dishwasher once in a while for thorough cleaning

Also, Omega 8006 is very quiet while juicing. You can easily have a conversation on phone without getting distracted.


The only Con that I can think of is, it has a small chute for fruits and vegetables to go through which increases the prep time as you have to cut them smaller. It’s not like big mouth juicer in which you can directly put the whole apple. Personally it’s not the big deal for me as I prefer to cut fruits before putting it in juicer to make sure it’s good from inside too.


Overall Omega 8006 is a great juicer to own. You won’t regret your decision if Cucumber_celery_apple_juiceyou are serious about juicing and to make changes towards healthy lifestyle.

It may be little expensive as compared to other juicers but it has very reliable long life. It comes with 15-year warranty which shows company’s trust in the product. My first juicer was $60 juicer from Wal-Mart and it didn’t even last for 2 years. It used to waste so much produce through pulp. If you are investing in a good juicer, you spend money one time and you are good to go for another 15 years. Savings are huge in long run!!

I hope you enjoyed reading my review and I could give you some good information. To buy this juicer from Amazon, please click on this link -> Omega J8006 nutrition center juicer. If you have any questions or like to share your experience with Omega 8006, please leave a comment below. I would be more than happy to reply .


Omega J8006 Review – First step towards healthy Lifestyle — 18 Comments

  1. Wow, this is a great review about the Omega J8006 juicer! I bought a juicer, from target I think, the Hamilton Juicer for about $60 bucks, and although I thought it juiced well, it was just a pain to clean up.

    We now have the Ninja, one of the bigger models, the cost I remember being around the same as the Omega. I like the Ninja but it’s not really a “juicer” per say. It does blend everything, which is awesome, but to just get the juice or the same consistency, you have to add a lot of water. The benefit is that you don’t waste any of the fruit or vegetable.

    I don’t think however the Ninja can do the nut butter stuff, and the coffee beans, and all the other things you mentioned that the Omega can also do.

    Have you used the Ninja before? Which would you say is better or would you say it is more of a personal preference?

    Thx for any help you can provide…..again, great article!


    • Hi Jason,
      I also have similar experience with inexpensive juicers. They are difficult to clean and waste lots of produce. Their pulp is very moist which indicates that juice is still there. Investing in a good juicer will make sure that you get more bangs for your buck in a long run.
      Yes I also have Ninja blender and I love it. I use it almost every day for cooking and to make smoothies. But as much as I like it, it’s still a blender and not a juicer. There is lot of difference between a juicer and blender.
      Juicing is a process of extracting the juice from vegetables and fruits by separating the pulp. So you can get goodness of all nutrients which goes directly into your bloodstream. Blending is the process of breaking the food in very fine pieces by using sharp blades without separating the pulp. And as you also mentioned, it’s a personal preference which one is better.
      I am coming up with the post “Juicing vs Blending” very soon to explain the difference in detail. Hope it helps with your decision.
      Thanks a lot for your comment.

  2. hI Richa , nice reviews of the juicers , i always wanted to buy one of this juicers but so many brands out there ,you help me to knows omega j8006 better
    and will consider buying myself

  3. Great post. I do have one question for you. You mentioned that the Masticating juicer “prevents oxidation because it runs at very low speed of 80 RPMS as compared to speed of Centrifugal Juicers (around 10,000 RPM0” but can you please tell us why a slower speed would prevent oxidation? You mentioned it “doesn’t create any foam or heat while juicing” but I am still confused why and how it prevents oxidation.

    Thank you

    • Thanks Stephanie for a great question. Oxidation occurs when you cut a apple and leave it open in air. It will turn brown after some time.

      Centrifugal juicers uses sharp blades to cut open the produce and spin it at very high speed to separate the juice. Spinning at very high speed traps the air into the juice. As a result, juice oxidizes quickly after it’s made. That’s the reason you need to drink the juice from Centrifugal Juicer as soon as it’s made.

      On the other hand, there are no sharp blades in Masticating juicers. It uses an auger which squeezes the juice at very low speed. That’s why very less air gets trapped in juice and the rate of oxidation is greatly reduced.

      The amount of foam just indicates the level of oxidation. Less foam is BETTER.

      I hope it clarifies. Please let me know if you have any more questions.

      Happy Juicing!!

  4. I LOVE this juicer!! My parents have it, and I love having juice from it! Yes, it takes a little more prep than I would like, but it’s so super healthy. Plus it is very very sturdy! Thank you for putting my feelings about this juicer into a very thorough review. 100% accurate!

    • Thanks Stacy for stopping by…
      I am glad to know that you are already taking the benefits of this awesome juicer. Keep doing that for a healthy lifestyle 🙂

      Happy Juicing!!

  5. I love this juicer. I can use it even when other members are asleep or watching tv. What other features do you like about this juicer?

    • Thanks Keye for your comment.
      Other than being so quiet, the best feature I like about Omega j8006 is that it can juice any vegetable including all green leafy and wheat-grass.

      Also, very easy to put together and just takes 3-5 minutes to clean it.

      Glad you love it. Hope you are taking full benefits of Omega j8006.

      Happy Juicing!!

  6. Wow, now that’s a great review, up close and personal.
    Although I use a different system for extracting chlorophyll,which it does an excellent job, it’s a pain when it comes to normal juicing.
    I’ve been looking around at other top end juicers with low RPM to handle the rest.
    Well, you’ve certainly pointed me in the right direction, thank You my Friend

  7. Thanks a lot Joseph for your comment.

    Extracting chlorophyll sounds very interesting to me. What you do with chlorophyll?

    If you are looking for a low RPM juicer, Omega j8006 is definitely a way to go. Its the most affordable and reliable masticating juicer in market.

    I’m glad you liked my review and I could help you in your decision.

    Happy Juicing!!

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  9. Thanks Hagop for such an encouraging words 🙂
    Sure, you may like my Facebook page to get regular updates or bookmark my site.

    Happy Juicing!!

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