Juicing vs Blending : Health Benefits and a comparison

Juicing or Blending? Which one has more Health Benefits? It’s the most common question comes to your mind when you are first starting Juicing. In this post, I am going to discuss Juicing vs Blending and their Health Benefits. To be very honest, both are fantastic ways to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Both are better than any other beverage you can possibly have. But it is very important to learn their differences because both have their pros and cons. Let’s start with Juicing:

Juicing is a process of extracting the nutrients and water from fruits and

Juicing vs Blending : Health Benefits

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vegetables by extracting the pulp. By this method, you will get all the goodness of fresh produce without any pulp. Since nutrients are already separated from pulp, our digestive system doesn’t have to work hard to absorb them.

Benefits of Juicing: Nutrients are quickly available to our body when juicing and they go directly into the bloodstream. Juicing is especially helpful for those who are suffering from illness and whose digestive system is compromised. They can get all the health benefits of fruits and vegetables to speed up their recovery process which won’t be possible otherwise.

Now, you may be wondering that if fiber is an important part of our diet then how come juicing is so beneficial for us. The fact is separating fiber from juice works as a blessing because it makes the juice nutrients powerhouse and also delicious. Drinking a juice is so hydrating and refreshing, that you will feel a burst of instant energy after the consumption.

You need to have a great juicer to start juicing. To learn more about Juicers – Click here.

Now let’s talk about Blending. Blending is the process of breaking the fruits

Juicing vs Blending : Health Benefits

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and vegetables in very small pieces by using sharp blades and spinning at very high speed. Spinning action separates water from fiber which results in very pulpy drink, also known as Smoothie. Since fiber is not extracted, you get the benefits of nutrients as well as fiber.

Benefits of Blending:
1. The presence of fiber slows the digestion process which in turn slows the absorption of nutrients but also controls the sugar level in body and therefore good for people with diabetes.
2. Fiber in smoothies also helps to make you feel full for longer. It’s best to have first thing in morning to start a great day.
3. Blending is good with fruits like Bananas and avocados which can’t be juiced but taste great in smoothies.

To understand visually, watch this video from Joe Cross of rebootwithjoe.com.

In Conclusion, it’s a personal preference which one you will like. We are comparing nutrients vs. fibers here. A juice will have more nutrients and less fiber. A smoothie will have more fiber and fewer nutrients for the same portion. Personally, I feel juice tends to taste better which is also a major criteria along with health benefits for most of us. I would say since fruits have more sugar than vegetables, it’s better to blend fruits and make juice of vegetables. Or you may also get the benefits of both juicing and blending by first juicing your veggies and then adding it to your favorite recipe of smoothie. You just have to take an extra step!!

Hopefully, I am able to clear some doubts between Juicing and Blending. If you have any further questions, please leave a comment below. I would be happy to reply.


Juicing vs Blending : Health Benefits and a comparison — 8 Comments

  1. I am always concerned about the high sugar content of having too many fruit juices, so I tend to blend!
    I also think it is good to get as much fibre as possible, but I would still think that as your body breaks down the food it will release all the nutrients anyway, what do you think?
    Either way, it is a delicious and healthy way to start the day.
    Thanks for comparing the two.

    • You are right Brad. When body breaks down the food it releases all nutrients of fruits. Only thing is although fibers are good for digestion, they don’t have any nutrients. So the amount of nutrients in a smoothie will be less than a juice.
      Also, by already separating the fiber from juice we are saving the body’s effort. It became especially helpful when you are juicing for healing purpose or when person is sick.

      As you also said, either way both are great!!

      Thanks for stopping by!!
      Happy Juicing,

  2. Hi Richa,

    I’m a blender. I love my green smoothies, they have the best of both worlds veggies and fruit. I must have over 200 recipes.

    I prefer blending simply because you’re getting all the nutritional value from your greens and fruits.

    But as you say, this is a personal preference. Either one that you choose to do will impact your life in a very positive way.


    • Hi Leo,

      Wow!! 200 recipes….that’s awesome. I would love to try some of your recipes. Green smoothies are great way to achieve healthy lifestyle. And that’s the whole purpose of this website – To motivate people for healthy living.

      Thanks for your comment.
      Happy Blending!!

  3. I am definitely a believer in the benefits of juicing. I need to do it on a more consistent bases. I also know that juicing has been used to cure cancer.

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