Juicing for Pregnancy – Good or Bad?

Juicing for PregnancyPregnancy is a great time to make long lasting changes towards achieving a healthy lifestyle. Juicing for Pregnancy is the great way to make those changes. During pregnancy, many women realize for the first time in their life the importance of eating right food. Pregnant women are very conscious about their diet because whatever they eat will directly affect their baby.

Pregnancy is the time when mother’s body is craving for all the essential nutrients. It is very important to get these nutrients everyday throughout the pregnancy and while nursing to avoid any birth defects in baby and any long term negative effect in mom’s health.

All pregnant women need to eat a complete balanced diet which includes all essential Proteins, Vitamins, Minerals, Fats and Carbohydrates. I have compiled the list of Vitamins and Minerals which needs a special attention during pregnancy. Here it is:

1.Folic Acid: Folic Acid or Folate is very important for the development of nervous system and to prevent the birth defects of the brain and spinal cord. Asparagus, Spinach, lettuce and all kinds of beans are great source of Folic Acid.

2.Iron: Pregnant women need more iron during pregnancy due to expansion of blood volume and the demands of growing baby. They are at higher risk of iron deficiency or Anemia. Spinach, eggs, beans and Raisins are all great source of Iron. In addition to Iron rich food, you also need to take Vitamin C. Consuming food rich in Vitamin C such as Strawberries, broccoli, Oranges or cabbage help to increase the absorption of Iron.

3.Calcium: Calcium is very important during pregnancy as baby collects about 25 to 30 gm of calcium during the whole pregnancy for the formation of bones and cartilage. You can get calcium from all dairy products like milk, yogurt and cheese. There are lots of non-dairy options also for Calcium. Dark green vegetables like kale, Arugula, Spinach and Green Mustard are very rich source of calcium.

4.Vitamin C: Vitamin C is an antioxidant that protects the baby’s tissue from damage. It is especially important as it is entirely depends on mother’s diet. Pregnant women need 85 mg of Vitamin C every day. You can fulfill the requirement of Vitamin C by consuming fruits and vegetables like Oranges, strawberries, tomatoes, broccoli and Bell pepper.

5.Vitamin A: Vitamin A is very critical for Vision, immune system and for the growth and development of the embryo. Vitamin A can be found in carrots, squash, mangoes and sweet potatoes.

This is the list of just a few but it can go on and on as pregnant ladies need all the nutrients. Juicing can help to get all essential nutrients and thus meet your health goals in pregnancy. You just need to be careful about following things when you are Juicing for Pregnancy.

Things to remember

1.Never go on juicing diet (Just drinking juices and not eating solid food) when you are pregnant or breast-feeding. Juicing diet will release toxins in your blood that can be harmful for your baby.

2.As much as possible, use organic fruits and vegetables for juicing. Inorganic produce have pesticide sprayed on them which is very toxic. Any kind of exposure to chemicals and toxins during pregnancy should be avoided.

3.Always use ginger in your juice. Ginger will help you not to feel nauseous and greatly improves the taste of juice. Ginger is also excellent for digestion which is a major issue for pregnant ladies.

4.Fruit juices should be avoided if you have Gestational Diabetes. You can have vegetable juices. Vegetables like carrots and a small portion of fruit can be added to juice to make it little sweeter.

Suggested Recipe:

·Add Carrots, Spinach, Oranges and Ginger.

·Add Apples (Optional) to the juice if you like it sweet.

In conclusion, Juicing is a great thing to do in pregnancy. You just have to be little careful about few things. If you would like to know more about how to start juicing, read “Juicing getting started guide“. If you have any questions or want to share your experiences, please leave a comment below. I would be happy to reply.


Juicing for Pregnancy – Good or Bad? — 12 Comments

  1. I think juicing is a absolutely great way to get all the nutrients a pregnant woman needs. I don’t particularly care for vegetables, and as yummy as the juicing recipes can be in hiding vegetables, it would be ideal to have in the kitchen. For that matter in anyone’s kitchen

    • You are absolutely right Debra. Adding a fruit of your choice to a vegetable juice will make your juice so delicious that you won’t even realize it has all the goodness of veggies.
      It’s specially challenging for pregnant ladies to get all the nutrients in their diet. That’s the reason I also think everyone (including pregnant ladies) should have a Juicer in their kitchen.

  2. I think juicing would be a fantastic idea to combat cravings while taking in important nutrients etc. Great read and I’m sure this help many expectant mother.

    Warmest Wishes, Amber

    • Juicing is definitely an excellent and delicious way to fulfill the requirements of pregnant ladies. Thanks for your comment!!


  3. hi there!
    Very thorough post, lots of good vitamins in juicing for sure. I do juice every few weeks and I am not pregnant! So I can only imagine how good it can be when you are pregnant.There are so many options to get all the essential nutrients needed when pregnant. And adding ginger for nausea is such a good idea!

    • Thanks Emily for stopping by my site. Juicing is easiest and most feasible way to get all the essential nutrients in pregnancy or otherwise too.

      Keep Juicing!!

  4. Oh this is so informative and beneficial Richa. Though juicing is not a very common phenemenon in India. But I am planning to introduce in my lifestyle. Suggest me the juicer as well as non pregnancy diet:-)

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