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Hi Everyone,

This is Richa. I have been health conscious for all my life but never really worked hard enough to gain knowledge and discovered the true power of nutrients in fruits and vegetables. At least not until when my mother diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. My life changed overnight when I found out about my Mom’s condition. I realized we take our lives so much for granted.Richa

At that moment I started my research on treating the medical conditions naturally. Traditional medicine maybe effective sometimes but in long run they make our bodies so toxic that we become prone to even more diseases. Not to mention their side effects. I always try to avoid them if possible.

Mother nature has already provided various effective cure for our problems. The purpose of this website is to discover unlimited benefits of natural resources that we have around us and learn to incorporate them in our lives. The most practical and effective way I discovered to get all nutrients is through juicing of fruits and vegetable.

Recently when my anemic conditions revived, I decided I really need to work hard to improve my diet. Being a vegetarian, I started eating lots green salad, beet root and beans. But there is a limitation in eating salad, no matter how fond you are of it. I could hardly finish the quantity that I am supposed to.

I had been hearing about juicing from a long time now, so I thought why not give it a try. My husband and I researched all the juicers available in market and liked Omega masticating juicers. I thought it is worth investing in a good juicer and thus in your health. Since that day, I am juicing and completely fell in love with it.

Now juicing has become my passion, that’s the reason I started this website so I can share my experience with everyone. I will keep adding fruit and vegetable juice recipes and my own discoveries of juicing in this website so that everyone can reap the benefits. I would love if you can also be a part of my journey.

If anything interests you in my site or you have a feedback, please leave a comment below.

Take Care and Keep Juicing.

Cheers to health!!
Founder of juicingforhealthbenefits.com


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  1. Hello Richa.

    I will bookmark your site. Like you, I started seriously researching the health benefits of fruit and vegetables and started making lifestyle changes when my mother was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. And then, worse still, my son was diagnosed with bowel cancer, had an operation…. That is when he started juicing. I haven’t been juicing but mainly making smoothies using a blender. When my son was here a few weeks ago and saw that I still hadn’t got a juicer he said he’d get me one for Christmas. He himself doesn’t have a masticating juicer but a Philips. I must say the cleaning of it has always put me off. But I recently saw a newer version where the reviews claim it doesn’t take too long to clean.

    Wishing you good health,

  2. Hi Isabella,
    Thanks for your comment. It is really painful when your dear ones are diagnosed with cancer. I am really sorry that you had to go through so much.
    You should start juicing again. Don’t be scared of cleaning. Its really worth it and these days the Juicers available in market are mostly very easy to clean. I am using Omega 8006 and it just takes me 2 min to clean it. You can refer to below link if you need help in deciding which juicer to buy.

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